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Elsa’s Blend for Menstrual Cramp relief has been proven to regulate menstrual flow, reduce and relieve associated symptoms, however, it is always best to consult with your doctor about condition associated with severe menstrual cramps and excessive bleeding during menstruation.  

At times there is an underlying factor that has contributed to these events.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers or females who suspects that they might be pregnant should not use this product. 

Caution should be taken when using herbal medicines. Persons with a history of liver or kidney complaints or any other serious health conditions are advised not to use any herbal medicine without first consulting their doctor.  

While we aren't 100% certain what specific ingredients in our herb blend works to treat your conditions or illness. Elsa's Blend of herbs contain many ingredients and work together to produce a beneficial remedy.

Many factors determine how effective a herb will be. For example, the type of environment (climate, soil quality, etc.) in which a plant grew will affect it, as will how and when it was harvested and processed. We are very keen on  


NB Remember that herbal remedies are medicine.  As with any other medicines, you should use them with care and ensure that they are the correct product for your symptoms

We would like to suggest a couple sites for reference Just to prove to you that our product is one of a kind, and is the Only product that will truly aid in your discomfort...
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