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The Company

Elsa’s Blend ™ is a Jamaican retail Tea Company that produces authentic, flavourful, organic herbal teas with nutritional and medicinal benefits. The company was born through mere coincidence, by a father seeking an holistic treatment for his little girl monthly menstrual symptoms. Through consultations with Jamaican herb enthusiasts and tea drinkers Elsa's Blend came to life. The idea to provide nutrient rich value added products, ones that aided common health problems became the focus of Elsa’s Blend ™ Ltd. and that inspired our range of teas which is now a reality.

Elsa’s Blend ™ is a Jamaican Tea Company offering a Natural, Healthy and Organic herbal alternative to customers. We allow customers an opportunity to explore traditional herbal tea alternatives for everyday complaints and ailments. In each of our unique products, we carry a variety of savoury herbs for a classical taste along with significant health benefits.

The Company allows customers the direct opportunity to explore the different Herbal Teas and Holistic treatment options for everyday complaints and ailments, while enjoying a variety of local indigenous flavours.


Our customers will find easy access to Elsa’s Blend ™  products which ranges from Women to Men specific teas. We offer Dietary Regulation remedies through various Jamaican and International distribution locations, as well as through e-commerce. The first commercial female blend, Floélle, has been receiving positive reviews and testimonials worldwide and is poised to be a great success.


Elsa’s Blend ™  teas will become a household name and since its development, has been gaining significant popularity, both locally and internationally through its introduction via sampling over the past five years.

Specialty tea is predicted to be the fastest growing segment of the tea industry over the next decade and Elsa’s Blend is poised to be a part of this market with the first of its speciality teas: Floélle, that allows female customers an opportunity to enjoy a great tasting blend that has been known to relieve several adverse menstrual issues. Elsa’s Blend ™ Floélle.

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